Dear Viewer

Although this website remains primarily for astro related images, given my general interest in photography, you will find a ‘Non-Astro Gallery’ menu item which if you click you will find, hopefully, a relatively small selection of my, maybe, better images that I have taken over the years, including some non-astro images taken on my trip to see the US Total Solar Eclipse of 2017.

Please note, if using some versions of Internet Explorer the facility to expand specific images by clicking the left hand  mouse button whilst hovering over the image, may no longer work, in which case please right click whilst hovering over the image, and then click on ‘Open Link’. If using Chrome a single left button click whilst hovering over the image will expand the image as required.

There are a number of 2017 eclipse images loaded into the Sun Gallery and, no doubt, more will appear from time to time.

You will also find my video of the 2017 Eclipse by going to YouTube and entering ‘malcolm porter eclipse 2017’

Although I have no responsibility for the content of any other website you will find many excellent astro images on the Flamsteed Astronomy Society website at

and then by clicking on the  ‘Image Gallery’ button.

Please note – Errors and omissions excepted.

Malcolm Porter

November 2018